We are creating a floating island, an inspiring hub, for resilience and innovation, a reaction to the world's rising sea levels.

Did you know that 44% of the world's population lives near coastal areas? We want the new small district to become a symbol of the UN's global goals. This will be a kind of mini NASA and sustainability center to create floating communities on water, to help cultures stay, when islands and coasts sink.

A public mini-district with 350 m of exciting new promenade and canals to paddle through. A place for culture that people seek for the co-work community, to be inspired by smart homes, compact living and sustainability. This is a fantastic expo for Tiny housing and for those of Sweden's villa owners who are looking for a "Friggebod" or an "Attefallshus" for their garden.

We create an experimental arena for housing construction. We hope to create incentives to influence the growth and diversity of the city and to change the regulations regarding housing standards to a more modern living.

100 winning entries from an architecture competition will be built on our floating island. The housing form is compact studio living for entrepreneurs, creative students and innovators in the field of sustainability and how humans can meet the world's rising sea levels.

This will be an inspiring, innovative and cool place to visit and live.

Co-create with us!

We are currently looking for you who are good at:

• Law

• Marketing and social media

• Economics

• Sales

But if you are enthusiastic and think you can contribute, it can go a long way.